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DomCore - the PHP Foundation Classes

I. Introduction:

DomCore is a set of foundation libraries to be extended for powerfull PHP object oriented programmation.

It includes:
- A powerfull template engine, for easy HTML and other languages integration
- A language engine for Internationalization (I18N)
- Fast Objects (AFO) for fast caches to apply on any type of information
- Data sources loader and multi-level caches, for extremely fast response code
- Basic classes for patterns programation: singleton, multiton, factory, for fast developpement

- Shared memory manager
- Mass files operations (full directories copy and delete)
- Throwables: enhanced error and exceptions management
- Extended Debug mode
- Java-like programming (you can't use a class attribute without declaring it before)

DomCore is released under GPLv3 licence.

DomCore has been written 100% in PHP and is totally object oriented, with the highest programming standards.
DomCore v2 is fully compatible with PHP 5.3
DomCore v3 is fully compatible with PHP 7.0+ and 5.2+

II. Installation:

III. Demos and examples:

IV. Reference: