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General system architecture with DomCore
We recommend the following archictecture for a common application with DomCore:

1. You only need the include directory for your application. All the other directories are only for illustration and examples purpose.

2. The include directory should never be put into any published directory on the web server to the internet.

3. Try to extends any classes from \core\WAClass if the class is serializable (i.e it is a data-type class), \core\WAObject if the class is not serializable (i.e it is a funcional, stream, data-access, database, etc type class), or from any pattern class.

4. In your web-server published site root directory, let only an index.php file that will wrap around your libraries.

For instance:

/var/www/html is your webserver site root directory

/var/www/domcore is your domcore libraries directory. Note it is NOT published on the internet directory.
/var/www/domcore/include contains all the domcore usable classes

/var/www/domcore/autoload.lib is your autoload magic file to load all the domcore classes automatically

/var/www/html/index.php will contains an include to /var/www/domcore/autoload.lib