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Installation and requirements

I. Getting Started

1.1. Requirements

1.1.1. Server side

Dominion works with any webserver with PHP 5.2+ and any commercial database.
Supported databases by now are:
- Oracle
- Postgresql
- Microsoft SQL
- Informix
- Interbase
- Sybase
- DB2
- SQLite

and support the following connectors:
- Native connectors of each brands

PHP must be compiled/installed with the connectors to the databases you need to use.

We have all our examples in PHP 5.2+. If you want to help to build the libraries in any other language and technology, you are welcome.

1.2. Download:

We recommend to always download the lastest version of Dominion from our site
Never download from other untrusted sources.

Be sure to always have the lastest version.
Visit us frequently !

1.3. Install:

The file you download is a tarball gziped file with the format dominion.buildxxx.tar.gz where xxx is the build number.

On windows, you can expand it with any decent compressor like zip ( ), rar ( ) or powerarchiver ( ) and so on.

On Linux, put the dominion.buildxxx.tar.gz file in the directory you need it and type:
tar zxvf dominion.buildxxx.tar.gz

On Unix, put the dominion.buildxxx.tar.gz file in the directory you need it and type:
gunzip dominion.buildxxx.tar.gz
tar -xf dominion.buildxxx.tar
Or install gnu tar to use it like linux on your unix.

You should uncompress the dominion into a web directory ready to use it on your web server.

For example, if your apache is installed on:
your default web directory should be:
Uncompress the dominion in this directory and you should get the main dominion directory:

The dominion is totally included into the dominion/ directory and ready to use.

1.4. Examples:

All the examples are into the directory, and are ready to use here.
You can also access the working examples on our demo site and try anything here:

Thank you and give us feed back about the tools !