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\dominion\DB_CursorException Reference

I. Structure:

- Classes tree:
  • WAThrowable [New]
  • WAException [New]
  • DB_CursorException

- Direct knows subclasses:

II. Description:

The class DB_CursorException is thrown when any error occurs into the DB_Cursor methods.
This is an exception and you should capture it with a try-catch code in your application when you use database cursors.

The possible sent messages are:

- DB_Cursor.base: The DB_Base database connector is not correctly set.
- DB_Cursor.exec: The execution of the SQL sentence has failed: (the SQL sentence here)

III. Reference:

3.1. Constructor:

$message contains the message to notify the exception.

3.2. Attributes:


3.3. Methods: