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Wajaf v3 - the WebAbility® Javascript Application Framework

I. Introduction:

WAJAF is a full javascript framework build with:
- a core object, to keep compatility between browsers and fast programmation of common tasks.
- some Managers, to control some important components and tasks
- a specific 4GL Engine, to control the 4GL technology "One Page Application"
- some Containers and Elements to work with the 4GL interfase

WAJAF is released under GPLv3 licence.

WAJAF has been written 100% in Javascript (Client side) and PHP 5.3 or superior (server side) and is totally object oriented

II. Installation:

III. Demos and examples:

IV. Reference:

  • The core [New] (0%)
  • The managers [New] (0%)
  • The 4GL framework [New] (10%)
  • The Containers [New] (10%)
  • The Elements [New] (10%)

  • Javascript Classes tree reference [New] (10%)
  • PHP Classes tree reference [New] (0%)

  • How to program new containers [New] (10%)
  • How to program new elements [New] (10%)
  • How to program Wajaf with PHP [New] (10%)