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WebAbility® v6 Modules - All the modules for WebAbility® v6

I. Introduction:

WebAbility® is a full 4GL developpement platform, to create complete Web applications on the top of a Javascript framework (WAJAF) and PHP CMS framework (Xamboo).

The system accepts various types of modules:
- Base modules, distributed with the orginal download
- Other official modules that you can download with the list of modules from the original servers. Those modules are maintained and verified.
- Other modules, that you can develop or install from third parties. Those modules are not maintained from the official list.

II. Modules Installation:

III. List of Basic modules:

3.1. Front-end modules:

  • client: list of users of the front-end site management with basic access rights [New]
  • clientaccess: gives profiles and access rights to the clients of the front-end site [New]
  • clientp18n: gives a set or personalized parameters to each client [New]
  • facebook: permits client identification with facebook profiles [New]
  • messenger: permits client identification with facebook messenger and to setup a messenger bot [New]
  • accountkit: permits client identification with facebook account kit [New]
  • wiki: a new page server engine for wiki pages [New]
  • analytics: manage and send google analytics events and pages by API [New]

3.2. Administration modules:

  • user: list of users of the back-end admin site management [New]
  • cms: a graphical interface to build and edit the pages of the site [New]
  • stat: a graphical interface to get statistics of the use of the site [New]

IV. List of official modules:

There is no other official modules for the moment

V. How to develop your own modules:

VI. Modules reference: