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I. Introduction:

WebAbility® is a full 4GL developpement platform, to create complete Web applications on the top of a Javascript framework (WAJAF) and PHP CMS framework (Xamboo).

WebAbility® comes in different versions:
- Freeware: this is a simple version with basic tools to create and edit a simple web site.
The freeware version only works on MySQL database, and contains mainly the WebAbility® CMS Engine.
- Monosite: This is a version made to create a single site on a domain, and have the main tools to create Portal and Web applications. It works on any known commercial relational databases. It contains the Portal Engines, like CMS, Map, Web Wrapper,
- Enterprise: This is the full version of the tools. It contains te Monosite version and a set of tools to develop Web Legacy systems. You can find in this version some powerfull engines like Workflows, Agendas, Reports, Alerts, etc.
- Runtime: is a basic version containing all the engines without administrative tools, just made to install run the applications you develop with the tool.

WebAbility® Free Edition is released under Creative Common licence
Licencia de Creative Commons
You cannot modify, resell, redistribute nor use commercially this version. You may use it to create a non-commercial site (personal site, demo site, educational site)

WebAbility® Monosite, Enterprise and Runtime versions are released under Commercial licence.

WebAbility® has been written 100% in Javascript, XML and JSON (Client side) and PHP 5.3 or superior (server side) and is totally object oriented

II. Installation:

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Some videos:

III. Demos and examples:

IV. Guides:

V. References:

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