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Modules reference

I. Introduction:

The modules are a set of containers that can execute code and realize a specific function.

There are a set a basic modules available with the webability free version.
There are also a set a profesional modules available under licence.

You can also develop a module and publish it in the modules catalog as a free module or a licenced module.

II. Basic modules

III. Modules catalog

IV. How to develop a new module

4.1. General rules

4.1.1. Module ID and Version

The module ID is a natural string [a-zA-Z0-9] from 3 to 15 characters maximum

The version of the module is formatted xx.yy.zz where "xx" if major version number, "yy" release and "zz" the patch.

The version of the module must obey to the Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 Link to another Internet page, will open in a new browser

The module must be into the subdirectory [base]/modules/[ID].[version]

is the base subdirectory of the clients module with ID "CLNT" and version 1.0.1

4.2. Structure

4.3. Files

4.4. Clases