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Xamboo v3 - the CMS Framework

I. Introduction:

Xamboo is a databaseless framework for CMS based system.

Xamboo is the result of over 15 years of manufacturing engineering frameworks. It is a very high quality framework for CMS, made in PHP, fully object-oriented and strong to distribute code into Web portals with heavy load and REST APIs optimizations over JSON or XML.

Xamboo is an engine to build applications that distribute any type of code to the client:
It is completely independent of the generated code, i.e. you can send HTML, XHTML, XML, SGML, javascript, JS, JSON, WAP, PDF, etc.

Xamboo does not need a database to manage the entire structure of the framework, which makes it extremely fast, easy to use and powerful.

Xamboo supports multi languages and versions for any pages, with rules of resolution.

Xamboo does support new technologies as AMP, PWA, REST-APIs, UTF-8 site and multi-language pages, and manages SEO friendly pages URLs.

Xamboo works on sites currently distributing more than 60 millions web pages monthly, (that's near 500 pages per second on peak hour) it serves regular sites, and GRAPH-APIs / REST APIs to APP-mobiles.

Xamboo is released under GPLv3 licence and uses GPLv3 modules DomCore and XConfig

Xamboo has been written 100% in PHP and is totally object oriented, with the highest programming standards.
Xamboo is fully compatible with PHP 7.0+ and 5.2+ (most recommended last release 7.2+)

II. Installation:

III. Demos and examples:

The armed included examples are in HTML 5 and CSS3 Javascript.

IV. Reference:

  • Library page reference for REST-API site [New]

V. advanced topics:

  • The xamboo caches [New]